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19-Oct-2017 15:37

Waking her up he then uses the light to illuminate his own face so she can see who he is.

If she is happy with him she is to blow out his light and the next day he will be a part of the family.

The Native American dating customs get a bit more complicated if the girl does not choose to blow out the light.

If she does not blow it out then he will try to woo her more the next day.

After the mothers have been spoken to the young man is told he is allowed to come to the lodge.

Usually he waits until everyone is sleeping and he makes a light and finds the girl he wants.

The young man will play his flute until the woman he wants comes out to see him.

She had the option of coming outside, which indicated her interest in him or stay inside.

If the woman didn't come out the man left and was forced to find another woman.

Most cultures have unique dating and courtship rituals that are strictly follow, and the native Americans were no different in this.

Native American dating was much different than we can even imagine.

Native American tribes also used the court flute as a ritual.

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