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National Service did not apply at all in Northern Ireland, where loyalty to the Crown could not be relied upon, and a War Office report listed other groups who weren’t wanted because they were said to be “poorly integrated” into society: “barrow boys, gipsies, the racing community, Liverpool Irish, foreign communities in London, the Glasgow communities from which the 'gangs’ are recruited etc.” This was clearly not seen as an instrument of social reform.

Indeed the concern at the time was precisely the reverse, that decent young men would find themselves corrupted by the vulgarity and violence of military life, particularly in the Army, where the vast majority of the conscripts were congregated.

This is where the coast’s history and natural beauty meet.

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Unless of course you prefer a sunset kayak or llama trek…“I’ve been presented with a lot of different challenges and that’s why I wasn’t afraid to be on the ‘Housewives.’ The whole point is to keep going foward and try again,” says Medley, adding that if life was “Sex and the City,” she’d be a hybrid of Carrie Bradshaw and Miranda Hobbes. “It’s just an expression of your opinion.” Medley is currently dating John Mahdessian, the owner of Madame Paulette — a renowned restorer of couture — and says she wants to be the fun one.