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21-Jul-2017 01:38

Venus Nicolino, whether to save their relationships or cut family ties forever.

Parents need to know that although this VH1 reality series is a bit tamer than a lot of other dating competitions on TV, it's still not a great choice for older teens.

Ochocinco will search for companions nationwide before selecting 16 finalists from four regions.

The press release adds that "each of the ladies will have an opportunity to spend quality time with [Ochocinco] while also facing off against one another in double-dates." The new show marks the latest in a series of activity for the Bengals Pro-Bowler.

Officials believe Pazmino grabbed a kitchen knife and plunged it into her BF's chest -- causing a 3 centimeter puncture wound.

The boyfriend was rushed to a nearby hospital in critical condition.

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These families, who are dealing with notorious and well-publicized rifts, will undergo intense counseling and decide, with the help of experienced therapists Dr.

As far as language goes, some of the female contestants scream at each other, using bleeped swearing ("f--k" and "s--t") and audible insults like "tramp" and "bitch." And, particularly in the beginning, women are portrayed as sexual objects and are valued mostly for their bodies.

There's also some kissing, along with skimpy outfits and suggestive talk, and alcohol plays a big role in some girls' partying.

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The former NFL superstar known to many fans as Chad Ochocinco is expecting his fifth child."I literally crushed my #WCW so much I created a new #WCW," he tweeted Wednesday afternoon with a sonogram featuring his future family member (and referring, of course, to "woman crush Wednesday" with his hashtag).