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The new file doesn’t contain any catalog entry except the correct file header nessessary for translations.After you have added your new language you will need the text phrases to be able to translate something.After you have filled the field (defaults to current logged on Word Press user) and made your choise, the related *file will be creates at the target components folder.The new language immediately shows up at language list and can be handled now by further actions.The basics of this system are documented Free Software Foundation (FSF) - GNU Project - gettext and can be read there.The basis for translations are language files defined as *format (portable) or *format (machine object), which helps software to get translated on the fly.

And you will repeat this always including that file upload again.

If you want as example rescan the Word Press itself using Po Edit you will get a mixed translation file, containing also any custom plugin or theme phrases.

But this plugin performs intelligent: in case of Word Press itself the scan process skips the complete plugin and theme folder and only explicite adds and the themes provided at Word Press install package.

If your prefered language doesn’t exist, you can simply add it.

The occuring dialog lets you choose your new language but will skip those already existing for the target component.The *files are pure text format and must meet a dedicated specification to be analyzable by software programs.