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The entrance hall leads to the sumptuously gilded Baroque chapel, consisting of a single nave under a semi-circular vault.

Three altars (one of the 17th century, dedicated to St.

The castle on top of the hill can be seen from afar and dominates the town.

It was built, together with the town walls, under the reign of King Diniz in the 13th century over the remains of a Roman castellum that had been fortified by the Moors.

Only with Manuel I in 1521 did Beja again reach the status of city.

It was attacked and occupied by the Portuguese and the Spanish armies during the Portuguese Restoration War (1640–1667).

One can also glimpse the remains of the city walls that once had forty turrets and five gates. The square in front of the castle is named after Gonçalo Mendes da Maia or O Lidador, a brave knight killed in the battle against the Moors in 1170.

The whitewashed Latin-Visigothic church of Santo Amaro, dedicated to Saint Amaro, standing next to the castle, is one of just four pre-Romanesque churches left in Portugal.

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The year 2005 was particularly dry in Portugal and Beja suffered devastating forest fires in the surrounding rural areas.

During the reign of emperor Augustus the thriving town became Pax Augusta. When the Visigoths took over the region, the town, then called Paca, became the seat of a bishopric.

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