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Chief Camehwait was promised guns to fend off other tribes who had acquired guns from the east. Grant established the 100 square mile "Fort Lemhi Valley Indian Reservation" for the Lemhi-Shoshone people.In 1907 the Lemhi-Shoshone were removed by force to the Fort Hall Indian Reservation, 200 miles south and home to the much larger Snake River and Bannock Tribes.For the Jarawa, who have lived on these islands for 50,000 years, it is just the most recent in centuries of strained relations with outsiders, dating as far back as Marco Polo, who described meeting locals with “heads like dogs”.“The Jarawa have their own systems and traditions that they have followed for centuries,” said Mr Giles. The other is accused of fathering the murdered infant with a tribal woman.It is believed he could have faced retribution from either the Jarawa, or his own community, had his actions been discovered.The obligation the nation acknowledges toward wolf and salmon recovery efforts is dwarfed by the responsibility it faces in treating fairly the people who played such a crucial role in advancing the success of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.Banished from our homelands in 1907 and seeking to return ever since, the Lemhi-Shoshone people create a dilemma for the nation.

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Rather than dividing the 1971 Lemhi settlement among the approximately 500 Lemhis living at Fort Hall (refugeees since 1907), it was, essentially, divided among as many as 3000 people living at Fort Hall--the overwhelming majority of whom had no direct or indirect tie to Lemhi lands." Ever since the first encounter with the white man, we have been lied to.“As of now, the police cannot arrest the Jarawa man,” said Denis Giles, editor of the local Andaman Chronicle.

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