Are quinn and rachel dating in real life

14-Nov-2017 16:34

Quinn tries to subtly check out Santana's boobs while she thinks Santana isn't paying attention, but don't think this went unnoticed by some astute viewers.

Episode 1x04 – Preggers This is the episode where we discover that Quinn has a bun in the oven.

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So I decided to break it down using both pictures and words. Episode 1x01 – Pilot (unaired version)We are first introduced to Quinn Fabray through her cyber-bullying of Rachel.Also notice how many views that video of Rachel's has gotten. If she makes Rachel seem less feminine and more masculine, on an unconscious level, it's easier for her to reconcile her attraction to Rachel. If the driving force behind their relationship was romantic feelings, I think that Quinn would be more willing to accept Finn joining glee because it's something that makes him happy. Not necessarily, but it does illustrate something that we saw in the pilot—she seems to take no sexual interest in Finn and would simply rather control him and use him to further her own popularity. You can dance with him, you can sing with him, but you will never have him.