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29-Jan-2018 13:34

There isn't a Beck fan alvie that wouldn't like to see a book about Jeff turn up.

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It was all worth the risk as that authentic old rockabilly sound was pulled off with style and grace by Jeff.I was amazed at the live recreation of "B-I-Bickey-Bi-Bo Bo Go" which was Cliff Gallup at his wildest.Yet on this song and other numbers, Jeff still managed to throw in some of his up the neck-down the neck patented Beck trademark licks!Without a moment of hesitation the group broke into "Crazy Legs" as from then onwards Mr.

"Crazy Fingers" nimbly pulled off all of those exacting Gallup riffs just as he did on the Lp.Before we start to sit complacently and congratulate ourselves on all the tremendous Jeff Beck audio/video finds in the last year or so, we must realize they are but a fraction of what exists.

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