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14-Aug-2017 21:28

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I'm having recurring problems with VS 2015 where my code behind pages seem to lose their relationship with their associated aspx page. Here's an example: In this example, the cs file gives me the following error on lbl ID.

The only way I've found to deal with this so far is to trash the entire solution file, create a new one, copy the old code into it, and start over. Text in the Sql Data Reader: The name 'lbl ID' does not exist in the current context. If I trash my solution file, and create a brand new one, it will work. Josh Coen and Jason Langer have prepared the latest edition of VCP study guide.

For details, see Connecting to SQL Database By Using Azure Active Directory Authentication.

Specifies how data will be sent and received when reading and writing encrypted columns.

When you select an instructor, you see a list of courses taught by that instructor.

When you select a course, you see details for the course and a list of students enrolled in the course.

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I am sharing this because I see a lot of questions on the forums on how to get the value from the Grid View object, and I know how.Using the Sql Data Adapter, you can fill a memory-resident Data Set that you can use to query and update the database.