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11-Jan-2018 19:49

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“I’ve done other stuff with girls, but I want to actually date a girl,” the former Disney star told Later that month she admitted to PEOPLE that she hates not being in a relationship. “And when I go away and stuff, I only really hang out with the crew members.It’s hard when you’re far away and I really like to cuddle.For decades, their relationship had intrigued the movie industry and public alike.Bo says now that she was 'too young to have that experience' of falling in love at first sight with her husband.'I had a lot of girlfriends who kept saying, "You've got to meet this person or that person." ' But I said, "No.Some day it'll be love at first sight or not at all." I was so averse to dating. I never knew if someone wanted to meet me because they wanted to meet me or whether it was because I was some kind of prize, so I just avoided dating.' Until, of course, she met Corbett, who played Aidan, Carrie Bradshaw's-boyfriend, in Sex And The City.

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She denies this, but suffice to say she remained happily single for five years after his death until she agreed to a blind date with the actor John Corbett, 48. 'I was completely content and settled after my husband died,' she says.Both women were attending the three-day Life is Beautiful music festival in Las Vegas, Mongeau’s hometown.Though it’s unclear whether the two are actually dating (reps for both stars did not return PEOPLE’s request for comment), Thorne has been open about the fluidity of her sexual orientation — confirming that she is bisexual on Twitter in August 2016.He knew what went on with leading men and ladies on set. I think I avoided a lot of pain and grief.' Bo admits that their three-decade age gap was beginning to make itself felt and acknowledges for the first time the difficulties that existed between them.

'There were things he couldn't do physically,' she says.

Bo had spoken to him on the telephone from New York the night before. The next day I got a call that he'd been rushed to hospital. 'Luckily, within three weeks of him dying, I had the blessing of going off to Hawaii for filming.